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About Linyuan

  • Linyuan Township is located on the southwest coastal region of Taiwan (120.24 degrees longitude and 22.30 degrees latitude), it is the southernmost Gaobing River estuary in the southernmost tip of Kaohsiung County. It is bordered by Daliao Township in the north, Fongshan Hill and Kaohsiung City’s Siaogang District in the west, Gaobing River and Pingtung County’s Sinyuan Township in the east and the Taiwan Straits and Liouciou Township (Little Liouciou) in the southwest. Linyuan Township is situated in the abundant forest side of Fongshan, therefore it is called Linzaibian (the forest side).

    Geographically, it is not only part of Kaohsiung, but also the buffer belt and entrance to the central urban districts of Kaohsiung from the agricultural plains of Pingtung in the southeast. It is immediately adjacent to the Kaohsiung International Airport, two seaports of Kaohsiung and Dapingding, which has superior transportation location. Since the Port of Kaohsiung will be developed into the Offshore Transfer and Shipping Center and the Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, hence the township’s geographical advantage allows it to play the role of logistics support and enhance its role in the development of the urban area.